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Your All-Inclusive UAS Partner

Navigating the world of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) can be complex, but it doesn't have to be. At New England Aerial Services LLC, we are your comprehensive UAS partner, providing all-in-one drone services at an affordable price. Think of us as your in-house drone program, without the substantial investment and associated costs of starting one. With our experienced, FAA-certified pilots, advanced drones, data processing capabilities, and user-friendly viewing platform, we offer a unique solution that's ready out of the box. Not familiar with the benefits and uses of having a drone program? Feel free to read up on them here.

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Our Standard Deliverables

Interactive 360 Degree Panoramas
We take multiple panoramic images at different locations and altitudes above the site.

2D Orthomosaic 
A top-down view, similar to Google Earth, but with increased clarity and can be used for measurements.

Observation Report ($125 Add-On)
A report based on our Analysts' sightings and opinions on site condition. You can view an example report HERE.


Digital Twin Creation
One of our main deliverables is the Digital Twin. You can easily and quickly create measurements and view the site virtually, without having to be there.

Aesthetic Images
While on-site, we will also capture numerous images of the site from all angles for marketing, presentations, etc.

Private Viewing Platform
A simple, easy to use platform to view and download all deliverables. Contact us to view our live demo.



We offer clear, transparent pricing based on the size and requirements of your site. We charge an initial setup fee of $200 and our per-visit pricing starts from $250. For clients requiring more frequent visits, we also offer tiered pricing.

  • Monthly Visits - $250

  • Bi-Weekly Visits - $225

  • Weekly Visits - $200

The above pricing is designed for a property spanning 15 acres (The Area that needs to be covered by the drone). However, we understand that each site is unique and might cover a more expansive area. For sites exceeding 15 acres, a supplemental fee of $7.50 per acre will be applied to account for the additional coverage required.


Why wouldn't I just hire a full-time employee for these services?

Good question! Choosing our services can lead to significant cost savings when compared to hiring a full-time employee. Avoiding costs such as training, salaries, benefits, and drone equipment investment, as well as overhead expenses like data storage and processing, can result in substantial financial savings. We provide the expertise and tools of an in-house drone program but at a fraction of the cost.

How fast will I receive my deliverables?

After data has been collected, our processing and any associated analysis are usually completed in just two days or less. However, more complex sites could take longer.

How do I access my data?

We provide all of our clients with access to our easy-to-use web platform, where you can view and download all the data collected and produced from our site visits. This includes standard site photos, 360-degree panorama images, 2D Orthomosaic images, digital twins, and observation reports of your site.

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