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Aerial Mapping

What is Aerial Mapping? Without getting into a lot of technical detail - drones are able to create precision maps by capturing 100s of pictures at specific heights and different camera angles. When photos are taken, the drone's onboard GPS is used to precisely tag where each image is taken. After all of the images are captured, AI software stitches them together to create one massive image called an Orthomosaic. This process is able to achieve incredible accuracy and offers a safe way to fully inspect and catalog the current state of a property or construction project. This same technology is also used to create 3D models, which you can see in the examples at the bottom of this page. 

Why do I need Aerial Mapping? The number of uses for this technology is endless. The basic use of an orthomosaic is to simply get an updated view of a large area of land, often times commercial real estate and construction sites. Google Earth is helpful, but the imagery is outdated and usually of poor quality. If you're a construction company, you can read more about how this is beneficial to you specifically by visiting this page.


If you're a Property Manager, you can use the images that we produce to inspect roofs, landscaping, the state of parking lots, and inspect damages. These assets are also great to have for documentation in the event of a disaster at your property such as a fire, hurricane, storm, etc. By having an accurate digital reproduction of your property, you will know exactly what damages have occurred. Another major use is the ability to see how your property is changing over time. This provides you with great insight for you to schedule preventative maintenance. For Roofers, the traditional ways of inspecting roofs in commercial, residential, and industrial environments are costly, time-consuming, and can be hazardous for the workers performing the inspection. Using drones, the entire roof can be mapped out in ultra-high detail. This completely eliminates the need to send out workers and saves you time and money.

Why hire New England Aerial Services? We provide you with an end-to-end solution. This starts with flight planning to ensure our operations are conducted safely as well as staying compliant with the FAA. After our flight, you will have access to all of the data that we produce within 48 hours. 


How do we get started? If you'd like to hire us for drone mapping, please contact us by clicking here and we will create a custom solution to fit your needs.

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Example Data

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