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Why should I utilize drones on my job site?

Drones are quickly becoming a great resource in construction, and utilizing them can provide you with many great benefits. If saving time, labor, money, and having increased safety is important to your company, hiring a quality drone service provider should be equally as important.

What are the main uses of drones?

Progress Monitoring: The most basic use case is for progress monitoring. Flights can be conducted throughout the lifecycle of a job to provide clear insights into what's happening at a very detailed level that isn't typically achievable from the ground. Additionally, you can digitally share all of the assets that we produce of the site with stakeholders so that they can view your work remotely without having to come to visit in person, saving everybody time in the process.

Site Reconstruction:  Drone imagery can also be used to create 3D models throughout the build process. These models can be used by project managers and other personnel to help aid in communication between stakeholders and project managers. In addition to aiding in communication, 3D models can also be used to make estimated stockpile cut and fill measurements.

Safer Inspections:  Drones are also a great tool for performing remote inspections. If an inspection needs to be conducted in an unsafe environment where you wouldn't want to risk injury to a worker, utilizing a drone is much safer, faster, and can yield the same results. Using our deliverables, you're able to zoom into a specific area to get a closer look that otherwise wouldn't be available to you without physically getting to that area.

Dispute Resolution: The incredible documentation we're able to provide for you is also a great tool to have in the event of a dispute. In the event that a dispute should arise by a stakeholder or with a subcontractor that you've hired, you will have great documentation to be able to reference should you need to. 

Complete Documentation: Traditional inspections and documentation can be limited by many factors and often leave potential problems overlooked. We are able to entirely and consistently capture a site from every possible angle, ensuring thorough documentation has been taken. Additionally, the data collected by drones can be stored effortlessly and indefinitely, making it easy to reference in the future.

How do we get started?

We can provide you with an end-to-end solution. This includes everything from flight planning to final asset delivery. Send an email to or fill out this form and we will create a custom solution to fit your needs!

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